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Tess Delano, MS


Client Focus



Outpatient Therapy
Diagnostic Evaluation
Clinical Assessment
Substance Use Disorders
Severe/Persistent Mental Illnesses
Co-Occurring Disorders

Tess Delano graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2022 with a dual M.S. degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She is a resident in Licensed Professional Counseling, and a supervisee in Certified Substance Abuse Counseling. Tess has been working at River City Comprehensive Counseling Services since 2021, and her current roles include conducting substance use program assessments and providing outpatient therapy. In the past she has also facilitated IOP and PHP groups, provided case management services, and worked with children with autism ages 5-10 providing in-home and clinical Applied Behavior Analysis.

Tess is passionate about helping others address the challenges relating to mental health that interfere with their daily lives, while learning how to identify and fulfill their needs and happiness. She enjoys working with a variety of demographics to address a range of co-occurring mood, anxiety, and behavioral symptoms.

Outside of work, Tess can be found playing shows with her band, rock climbing, and spending time with her cats.

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