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Brent Whittington, MS


Client Focus



Outpatient Therapy
Diagnostic Evaluation
PHP Group Counseling
Substance Use Disorders
Clinical Mental Health
Co-Occurring Disorders

Brent Whittington, holding a Master of Science, is a highly regarded clinician and a Licensed Professional Counselor in Residency, who has been diligently serving at River City since 2022. Brent is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor Supervisee, showcasing his dedication and substantial contribution to River City’s expansive approach in treating behavioral health concerns.

Brent passionately employs a diverse and eclectic therapeutic approach, seamlessly integrating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Positive Psychology, Existential Psychotherapy, and Recreational Therapy. He profoundly believes in the transformative power of these varied modalities to enact meaningful, lasting change in his clients, reflecting his deep and abiding care and respect for those he serves.

Beyond his commitment to his profession, Brent harbors a deep appreciation for a range of personal interests including video games, skateboarding, horror movies, anime, and art, specifically tattoos. He enjoys the refined flavor of espresso and cherishes the time spent interacting with his family and friends. His broad spectrum of interests augments his holistic understanding of human experiences, enabling him to forge deep, authentic connections with a diverse clientele.

Brent’s commitment to individualized care and his diverse therapeutic arsenal coalesce to provide a tailored therapeutic experience, aimed at meeting each client’s unique needs. His unwavering dedication and empathetic approach make him an integral member of the River City team.

For consultations, Brent can be reached at He remains a dedicated conduit for positive change and recovery within our community, and his professional endeavors and personal passions continue to shape his distinctive approach to therapeutic interaction.

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