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Intensive In-Home Counseling

Counseling for Children

Intensive In-Home (IIH) counseling is a service for children and adolescents who are at risk of an out of home placement, or transitioning back into the home following a psychiatric hospitalization or other out of home placement.  Individuals receiving IIH counseling often have severe behavioral issues affecting their ability to function in school, at home, and in the community.  Your counselor will provide individual and family counseling, case management, and support services in the child’s residence.  At least one parent must be a willing participant. Your child must participate in concurrent individual outpatient counseling to remain eligible for this service.

Paying For This Service

This service is paid for by a participant’s Medicaid insurance.  Self- pay is also an option; please call our office at 804.230.0999 for more information.

Guidelines For Admission

1. Has difficulty in establishing or maintaining normal interpersonal relationships to such a degree that he/she is at risk of out-of-home placement because of conflicts with family and/or community, risking possible placement to: detention/court services, juvenile corrections, foster care, or residential treatment.

2. Exhibits such inappropriate behavior that repeated, documented interventions by the mental health, social services/CPS, school system/truancy, police/law enforcement, juvenile court services/probation/parole are necessary.

3. Exhibits difficulty in cognitive ability such that child is unable to recognize personal danger or recognize significantly inappropriate social behavior.

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