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Crystal Lester-Lewis has been a professional in the Human Service Field since 2012. She earned her associate degree in Human Services and completed her certification classes for Certified Substance Abuse Counseling from Reynold’s Community College. She earned her BS in Human Services with concentration in Child and Family Welfare at Kaplan University. Crystal is a qualified mental health professional, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor-Supervisee and a DBHDS Peer Supervisor, Currently, Crystal is the Program Director of Substance Use Case Management and Peer Services with River City Comprehensive Counseling.​

Crystal began her career journey as a Recovery Coach in 2012, before Peer Services were acknowledged world-wide as a vital part of the recovery process. She completed the required curriculum and became a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist and later was grandfathered in with Va Department of Counseling in 2018, as a Registered Peer Recovery Specialist. Currently, she is a DBHDS Supervisor of Peer Recovery Services. Crystal has obtained several certifications, Mental Health First Aid facilitator, Mental Health and Wellness Recovery Action (WRAP) facilitator, Qualified Advance Director facilitator and Notary Public. Crystal has worked at various human service organizations and agencies to include, but not limited to Rubicon, Caritas, Healing Place and Richmond Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA). She has worked as an Adult Mental Health Case Manager, Registered Peer Recovery Specialist, Mental Health Technician in Crisis Stabilization Unit, Substance Use Case Manager, Co-Occurring Case Manager for Housing program for homelessness population and Medicaid Consumer Directed Service Facilitator. ​

In 2016, Crystal founded JUN-LIZZ LLC, Medicaid Consumer Directed Service Facilitator program for long term services and support. Crystal was an approved provider with ancillary contracts with Medicaid, Anthem, Aetna, and Optima. Crystal realized the necessity for the elderly and disabled individuals in the community with declining health requiring extra assistance and the need to be cared for within their homes. This company provided Virginia Consumer Directed Service Facilitation to members that were eligible to receive daily home health care, from family, friends, and other individuals that the client preferred. Her practice focused on person-centered goals. Implementing plans and services to ensure individuals would receive the best care within their homes. ​

Crystal is dedicated, compassionate and supportive. She has been able to use her lived experience in mentoring, counseling, and providing case management for individuals of diverse backgrounds. She fully understands the natural course of addiction and recovery. Recognizing the importance of social networks and community systems within the recovery process. She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of the people she serves. ​

In her spare time, she loves to spend time with family and friends. She loves to travel and take road trips. She has an eye for fashion, and she is very creative and spends a lot of time making over and designing clothes, shoes, and hats. She enjoys cooking and working in her flower gardens. She also loves to attend outside events.


Individuals with Co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

Substance Use Case Management
Substance Use Disorders
Co-occurring Disorders

Crystal Lester-Lewis, BS
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