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Hello! My name is LaTasha Wiggins and my passion for helping others can be traced back to my pre-professional days. Whether begging my parents to pay for my best friend’s light bill or giving the homeless family my last five dollars, I’ve been on a helping path from the start. The reason? I like getting people excited about life no matter what that looks like! I am a strong believer that "you are what you think." Just imagine your life being different just because of your thoughts….

I started my career at River City Comprehensive Services after leaving a group home housed with beautiful individuals with intellectual disabilities. There I had the pleasure of witnessing an elderly man scream "bird" after being nonverbal for thirty years due to trauma from a previous group home. All it took was for someone to "not be scared" and take him in the community to want to talk! I started here at RCCCS towards the end of obtaining my master’s degree in Human Services as an intern. In my ten or so years being here I have juggled many hats from non-clinical positions such as HR to presently the IOP program director.

Outside of work, I am a mother to a 2022 graduate who will soon be off to Radford University and a soon to be six-year-old graduating from kindergarten. I have an energetic bark that is louder than his bite Shih Tzu who was born on Juneteenth and is presently in class for the AKC canine good citizenship, the beginning steps to his Therapy dog title (hopefully). When I am not in mother mode I enjoy working out with my partner (all about that sweaty life) and trying new vegetarian options with my siblings. I have an abundance of nieces and nephews who would all say I am the favorite aunt except for when we play Mario Karts. If you challenge me to Mario Karts, I will win. Currently I am trying my hand at gardening.


Individuals with Co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

Substance Use Case Management
Substance Use Disorders
Severe/Persistent Mental Illnesses
Co-Occurring Disorders
IOP Management

LaTasha Wiggins, MA
Client Focus
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