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Chief Compliance Officer

Alison Youmell was raised in Connecticut and relocated to Richmond in 2003. She received a Masters of Social Work in 2010 from Virginia Commonwealth University. She earned a Virginia license to practice Clinical Social Work (LCSW) in 2015.

At River City, Alison has been the Chief Clinical Officer of community-based programs (Intensive In-home, Mental Health Skill-Building, and Community Stabilization) since 2010. She has experience providing individual and group outpatient therapy in the mental health and substance use fields with older adolescents and adult populations.

Alison enjoys introverted activities like spending time with close family and friends (and her cat, Sam), music, and reading. In her free time, she also runs her own bakery out of her home. She loves to travel internationally and has been to 17 different countries (and counting).

Chief Compliance Officer

Severe/Persistent Mental Illness Population
Community Partners

Community Based Programs Management
Substance Use Disorders
Severe/Persistent Mental Illnesses
Co-occurring Disorders

Alison Youmell, LCSW
Client Focus
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