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Community Stabilization
The Highest Level of Support

Crisis Stabilization is designed for individuals experiencing a severe decline in their mental and emotional well being.  It is intended to prevent hospitalization or re-hospitalization by providing a stable environment with a high level of support services.  Individuals participating in Crisis Stabilization will receive individual and family counseling, 24-hour on call support, and will be connected with community resources to meet their immediate needs.

Paying For This Service

This service is paid for by a participant’s Medicaid insurance.  Self- pay is also an option; please call our office at 804.230.0999 for more information.

Guidelines For Admission

1. The individual currently meets criteria for a primary mental health diagnosis consistent

with the most recent versions of the ICD/DSM and

2. The individual has demonstrated a level of severity indicating that they are at risk for

crisis-cycling or dangerous decompensation in functioning and additional support in the

form of community stabilization is required to prevent an acute inpatient admission; and

3. Prior to admission, the individual is residing in a Therapeutic Group Home or ASAM 3.1;

or the individual needs community stabilization as a transition due to: either i.or ii. below

and also meets iii. below:

i. A LMHP, LMHP-R, LMHP-RP or LMHP-S at a Community Services Board

(CSB) same day access intake, a Managed Care Organization, or Fee-For-Service

contractor determines Community Stabilization is needed to support a transition

in care and link an individual to appropriate services; or

ii. The individual is being discharged from one of the below services:

a. 23-Hour Crisis Stabilization

b. Acute Psychiatric Inpatient Services

c. ASAM levels 3.1 – 4.0

d. Hospital Emergency Department

e. Short-term detention or incarceration

f. Mobile Crisis Response

g. Partial Hospitalization Program (Mental Health or ARTS)

h. Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility

i. Residential Crisis Stabilization Unit

j. Therapeutic Group Home

iii. Individuals meeting either criteria i. or criteria ii. above must also meet the

following additional criteria:

a. The service that the individual needs and is recommended by a

professional listed in item i. above or a professional coordinating the

discharge plan from services listed in item ii. above is not currently

available for immediate access;

b. A clinically appropriate and specific behavioral health service provider

referral(s) has been identified and a plan for the timeline of transition

from Community Stabilization to that provider has been established and

documented. If the timeline for this transition exceeds 2 weeks, the

Community Stabilization provider has documented communications

with additional, specific service providers to support alternative service

options or potentially faster access to the recommended service type.

Goals For Treatment

The goal of Crisis Stabilization is to intervene in a crisis situation, provide a stable environment, and avoid hospitalization.

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